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“Being a sister is better than being a princess”

Funny, right? Others might think I am crazy for the quote aforementioned but people! It is true. I mean, true for me. I don’t know for you. Haha. Kidding aside! Seriously guys, I love my sisters more than any other possession in the world. Yes, you read it right, SISTERS. Though there’s only one sister posted on the picture, I actually have 4 other sisters. Haha! It’s just that it’s her whom I really am overly-attached too. She’s like the shoe to my laces, apple to my pie, straw to my berry, black to my white, and pencil to my paper. Hihi. It’s actually because I am situated in Cebu due to scholastic reasons and we’re living in the same roof. Beat that! Lol

We pig out, window shop, do grocery duties. Like we’re inseparable. Seriously man! I don’t know but, since I started studying here in Cebu, we’re like always together. There’s actually this one funny thing I am telling you guys; “People always ask us if we really are sisters.” Haha! I know we don’t look the same but hell yeah! We share the same sentiments. Haha! Same taste for fashion, guys, books, and even food. Man! “We are sisters. Cut the crap!” Haha!


More photos and more confusion? Haha. Sorry guys! I know this is hilarious but, deal with it. Haha!  I seriously am not so sure why we don’t look the same but yeah, ask my mom why. Hihi. She is my bestfriend and my worst enemy. Yet, I love her. Hihi. Sweet, much? Anyways, let’s straighten things up, guys. We may not look the same but yes, we truly are sisters. We share the same genes,live in the same roof, we have the same parents, and yes! WE ARE SISTERS. Or, maybe not?




LOVE has always been associated to almost everything. Others talk about their love for cars, watches, clothes, shoes, food, travel and the like. But, you know what’s the most interesting thing? Our love for the opposite sex. I mean sometimes, we think it’s love but if you just read between the lines, it’s most likely NOT. It’s plain infatuation/admiration. It’s just so funny that even kids of ages 5 and up already think their simple crushes to the opposite sex is already love. C’mon kids. When I was your age, I only loved playing games with my friends. LOL. “Kids these days.”

So much from kids. I just don’t get it why LOVE is so mainstream today. I think you’ll see yourself in a relationship in just a snap of your finger. Lol. Exaggerating? Nah! It is TRUE. Trust me. I’m pretty much sure that if someone courts you even without you knowing them, you’ll say ‘YES’ simply because it is the trend. Gosh guys! If that’s the trend? Then, I’d rather be outdated for the rest of my life. Lol. Wait. You think I’m bitter? Nah ah! You got me wrong. It’s just that I really hate to see couples being in a relationship without love. They think that saying you like someone is already love. Boo you! Grow up and read more.

Girls, I think you shouldn’t tie yourself into a relationship that’s not worth cherishing for the rest of your life. You should look for someone whom you think can spend his eternity with you. I’m not telling you to look for someone perfect, just someone who is good. I’m not telling you to follow me as well. Waiting for Mr. Right to arrive when I think I already found him I just lack the courage. Lol. Anyways, just some images of the quotes I think you girls should ponder on.




Worth pondering, right? So girls, don’t let anyone drag you down or tell you things that’ll make you feel so small. You are who you are. You are on the right track (per Lady Gaga). Don’t wish to be anyone else. You are good and you can be at your best. All you need to do is to prove to all guys who’ve hurt you before that they threw a diamond and exchanged it with a stone. Don’t rush for love. It will come to you and will look for you. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL IN YOUR OWN UNIQUE WAY. Always remember; “ALL GIRLS ARE DIFFERENT AND THAT DOESN’T MAKE THEM ANY LESS BEAUTIFUL.”



“Politicians are like diapers. They both need changing regularly, and for the same reason.” Funy it may seem but, it does make sense and is observable in the political state of our country.

Every second Monday of May, every after three years, an election is to be held. Through this process, we’d be able to change and replace our present leader to someone whom we think is better.

How do we want our leader to be? Do you think someone who is MAKATAO, MAKAKALIKASAN, MAKADIYOS, and MAKABAYAN? Err. Who wouldn’t want to have a leader with the characteristics aforementioned? Of couse all. We all do.

I am not against the present leaders of our country. But I am against the situation. I don’t know why. But, it’s just that I hate to see the poor becoming more poor. Is it so hard for our government to atleast HELP our fellow Filipinos? And to the Filipinos as well reading this. I know you will say this is stereotyping but guys please. Let’s wake up! Let’s not settle for something like this. Because we, FILIPINOS can have better lives if we just wish to. Let’s start moving and help each other.

I really am looking forward to see our government improve and wouldn’t just shrug things off. I would really love to see my kababayans wake up, improve, and be bountiful.

You might say that I am dreaming. Well, you’re half-right. Because, I am not dreaming, I am day-dreaming for my country to achieve what it truly deserves. But sadly, I think the quote I saw from google is really right. “Someone deserving and is rightful for the job is sadly, not a candidate.” That brought me back to reality.


Dear Anonymous,

“I like you.” These are the words I have been longing to tell you.Wait not. I’m sorry. These are just some of the words, actually. Lol. You know, I’ve been eyeing on you since I can’t remember. I’ve been liking you since you opened your mouth and utter words. But then again, like my problems way back then, I’m just this secretive kind of girl. I’m this kind of individual who’d rather stay in my closet, and keep things to myself rather than opening up things, being bullied and teased by your friends. It’s just that whenever I like someone, I just keep it to myself. I don’t know, it just happened.

I’ve always been loud in the crowd. I don’t know if this is normal but yeah, this is my normal. I am loud but this is me. My friends are loud too so, deal with it. As the cliche saying goes; “You are who your friends are.” 

I don’t get it. I have seen a lot of handsome guys hey wait! more handsome than you. But why am I still into you? I don’t know what’s with you. Could be real love? Naaaah! I don’t think so. Haha! Just kidding! Seriously, “I like you.” Words are not enough to suffice my feelings for you. This could really be love. However, I just want to evaporate and just let my feelings vanish. I know me, liking you is not good. I mean, flattery for you but unhealthy for me. 

I don’t want to get hurt. I’m not willing to sacrifice. I’m not yet ready to fall without you catching me. I like you, ONLY YOU. I am just hoping you feel the same too. I want a serious relationship with you. This is not a joke. I am serious and I want you to be too. I am not begging you, I am just expressing my feelings through words. I wouldn’t want to tell you but I hope you read this too. 

I like you. Wait no! I love you. I hope you feel the same too.






RANT and the like

I’m pissed. No wait, seriously pissed.

I’m the kind of girl who doesn’t care what other people say. Hell I don’t! Because I always believe that it’s mind over matter. I wouldn’t mind simply because you don’t matter. However, I’m the territorial kind of friend as well. I’m the kind of friend who will never let my friends down. Cheesy, right? Lol. But yeah, seriously. You’re very lucky if I consider you as one. I’ll be your armour, my friend. Haha.

Anyways… I’m seriously pissed with this one guy. This one bald guy/gay (sorry. I don’t know if he’s staright or what because if he is, then he doesn’t act like one). Lol. He’s really getting into my nerves. I don’t know if the reason is because he’s rich? Man! I don’t fcuking care if you’re rich. You can’t buy GMRC and not even RESPECT, dude! I actually wanted to rant on Twitter and Facebook but yes man, use Social Media, WISELY. Haha. I wouldn’t want to hear a blab from my sister, again. Lol.

Back on track. This bald guy actually feels so superior. I mean, you can speak English but you can’t even Program! Hell, no! He really can’t! Haha. He’s acting like this could prolly be because no one’s keeping him grounded. Tsk. He’s flying. He’s head is soaring high. Seriously high.

He always thinks that what we do is wrong. By the way, I’m working in a contact center company and we’re in one team. We’re in one Technical Support Team but with a different LOB though. But that doesn’t change the fact that we have one Account Manager. I don’t know if he’s stupid or he’s just air-headed. Lol. What pissed me off is the way he handle things. Screw him for being so airheaded (eventhough he’s bald). Lol.

I don’t think this sickness of him will be well soon. I just wish him well in life, without bitterness. Boo you, gay!


I have been into blogging for quite some time now. It’s been like years but yeah, I WAS NEVER ACTIVE. I mean, at first I was then ended up not fulfilling my duties as a blogger. I don’t know why too. Prolly, PIG SYNDROME (as they say). Anyways, as soon as I sat down in this chair, I can’t think of anything to write about. I mean, would it be about FOOD, FASHION, PLACES, or just LAZINESS? Nah-ah! Lol.

By the way before I forget, I’ll actually be joining my friends with their new blog. I mean, our new pastime. The url will actually be; “,” isn’t it cool? I mean, yes. I know I have been telling my friends how I loathe this city for some reasons but I ended up joining my friends. Lol. Ironic, right?

Anyhows, I’ll be into the FASHION section for the new blog. I love fashion I just don’t get it why FASHION doesn’t like me in a way. Haha! I’ve been blabbing so much and I forgot to tell you that I’m planning to actually submit an article about the Koreans here in the Queen City of the South. They amaze me for some reasons. I was actually an English Teacher before for a Korean school and I really love how they dress up. They’re such a joy to watch. From their faces, down to their toes. They’re just clean. However, I don’t get it why most Filipinos say that Koreans smell bad (atleast for some) but, they are not actually. They don’t smell bad, they don’t smell as good as us too. Anyways, I love how they mix and match their outfit. From the caps, down to their shoes. yes men! Fashion, I must say. Lol. So I wouldn’t be spoiling all the fun here. I’ll be posting more in our upcoming blog (which will be launched this month) so I will just keep you posted once we hit the domain world 😉 I’ll be posting some photos just so this article won’t be that DULL. Just a disclaimer tho; the photos in this article aren’t mine. I just googled them.






Guys! I’m too excited for the blog so please support us if ever we’ll be launching it already, ait? Thanks! You guys God bless! 😉